Acquisition profile

We purchase properties

For expanding our own real estate portfolio we are interested in properties that meet the criteria listed below. We invest on our own account with different companies.

The aim of our investments is to integrate the properties safely and long-term into the company's assets. As a property expert we guarantee a professional and discreet business processing.

Do you have a suitable offer for us? Please contact us.

Object type

Pure residential properties
  • Apartment blocks
  • Residential buildings
  • Condominium packages
  • Real estate portfolios
Existing properties (old and new buildings), renovated or partly renovated
No new building projects

Net return > 6% referred to the actual rent


Regional focus: East Germany including Berlin
Cities of 15,000 residents or more
Inner-city and extra-urban locations
Good infrastructure connection

Property size / volume

Purchase price up to 4 million euros
Living space from 700 m² to 3.000 m²

Requested documents

We need the following documents for preliminary examination and assessment of the property offer:
  • Exposé with the complete address, purchase price and prime object data
  • List of apartments and rents (tabular overview with net rent, rental start and end, areas, number of rooms, tenant balance)
  • Site plan
  • Property pictures from inside and outside


In general, our investment strategy is flexible. We would also like to check deviating property offers, if a special value-added potential is recognizable.

In case you are not the owner of the offered property, we ask you for proof that you have been directly authorized by the owner to sell the property.